PIFG was launched in October of 2009. The "Pay It Forward" concept is an extension of what we believe to be as one of the most important resources we have as golf professionals: each other. You can only get your tank filled up so much. Eventually you should be filling somebody else's tank. Within this website, you will find exactly that. Through the pooling of knowledge, PIFG is a way to help assistant golf professionals become better golf professionals. Our purpose is to bring to the forefront real issues, different perspectives, and educational opinions. Please note, that some of the information on this website may be outdated, however we believe the principles found within are unchanging.

"There is a reason why Bob Ford is who he is in this business, and I would venture to say that it's not all because of his playing, teaching, and merchandising abilities, rather it is very likely because of his intangible ability to make the staff around him better. You may never accomplish what Mr. Ford has, but you all have opportunities on a daily basis to help your peers and colleagues become better." - PIFG Founder, Brian Dobak


Brian Dobak is a former PGA club professional. He spent 10 years in the club professional business from 2003-2013. In that time Brian was fortunate to work at some of the top clubs in the country including Sea Island Golf Club and the Philadelphia Cricket Club. Brian served on various Chapter and Section Education Committees in the Georgia PGA and Philadelphia PGA. Brian also served on the PGA National Education Committee. Brian earned certifications in General Management, Executive Management, and Golf Operations. He also was fortunate to receive a Chapter Assistant Professional of the Year Award in the Georgia PGA (2009), and Horton Smith Awards in both the Georgia PGA (2010) and the Philadelphia PGA (2011). Although he is no longer in the club professional business, Brian has a deep and profound respect for club professionals, particularly assistant professionals and the obstacles and challenges they face as they navigate through a tough yet rewarding environment.