Boot Camp is designed to provide assistant professionals with some of the hard realities of the golf business. A career as a club professional is not for the faint of heart and the earlier we can face issues head on, the better off we'll be.

- The "Who", Not the "Where"
- Is a HP Career Path Right for You?
- Why are We Getting Out of the Business?
- Is the "First Assistant" Title Necessary?
- Getting Out, and Our Value Outside the Golf Business

It would seem that going into our first Head Professional position blind could be detrimental, especially when it comes to managing club politics. This five part series focuses on the perspectives of the following leading industry professionals who give assistant professionals perspective on managing club politics: 

- Bob Ford from Oakmont CC & Seminole GC
- Bruce Williams of Bruce Williams Golf Consulting
- C.W. Canfield from The Ford Plantation
- Bruce Patterson from Butler National Golf Club
- Managing Workplace Politics

This is a four part series focusing on workplace empowerment in the context of our golf operations. When it comes to getting the most out of your staff and seeing them advance successfully throughout their career, there is no magic to it. The following contributors give us the inside scoop on empowerment and how critical it is for assistant professionals.

- Ian Dalzell from Huntingdon Valley CC
- Bob Ford from Oakmont CC & Seminole GC
- Jeff Kiddie from Aronimink GC
- Bruce Patterson from Butler National GC

This is a four part series shedding light on a subject we all face on a daily basis. Our ability to balance our jobs as both leaders and managers, is critical. Some of the industries most talented golf professionals have lended their insights on the subject so we can get a handle on our responsibilities.

- Cary Cozby from Wichita Country Club
- Michael Kernicki from Canterbury Golf Club
- Sam Wiley from Wee Burn Country Club
- Cameron Doan from Preston Trails Golf Club

"The First 90 Days" is a five part series devoted to providing insights about how to approach the first 90 days of our first head professional position.  Some of the most qualified professionals lend their perspective into what can be a challenging transition.

- Critical Success Factors for Rookie HP's
- Crooked Stick GC's Tony Pancake
- North Shore CC's Michael Shank
- Hartford GC's Joe Connerton
- Hudson National GC's Theron Harvey

Since it's inception in 2004, Golf Business Network (GBN) has become an industry leader. It's Assistant Professional Division started in 2007. Since then, GBN has provided it's assistant professional members with relevant resources to grow from. The following articles are an example of such resources:

The following PIFG interviews are designed to pick the brains of some of the top  professionals of our great business. Within, you will find "outside-the-box" questions related to our experiences as assistant professionals.

There are many issues amongst the ranks of assistant professionals. Many times these issues are left unattended. At PIFG, we want to address the issues and lay it all out on the table. We believe an informed golf professional is a better golf professional. 
Importance of Having a Mentor