7 Tips to Getting Through the PGM Apprentice Program

by Brian Dobak
November 8, 2010

The PGM Apprentice Program is by no means on the scale of earning a degree at Harvard University, however the apprentice program does take diligence, hard work, patience, and it is not without its fair share of trials and challenges. Maybe these seven tips will help you along the way:

Utilize your resources

The people around you like your colleagues and even members and guests will be your most valuable resources. The Class “A” professional(s) you work with should welcome the opportunity to help you with open arms. Utilize them. Be deliberate and seek their assistance.


Make a conscious decision to committing to the program and finishing it in a timely manner. Motivation is usually derived from commitment. When we don’t commit to something, it’s hard to give even a little extra effort to accomplishing something. If you don’t commit, you probably won’t finish the program in a timely manner and you’ll miss out on many opportunities.


Give yourself a timeline and stick to it. Make a point to tell yourself, “I want to finish the program by February 2011”, lay out a plan, and knock it out. Break it down further into more manageable tasks like, “I want to finish Level 1 by October 2011, Level 2 by March 2012, and Level 3 by July 2012.” Don’t go into it thinking, “Oh, I have 6 years to finish the program, I’m not starting yet, I’m not worried about it”. Commit and knock it out.

Don’t Get Stuck

Don’t return from a checkpoint and put your books in the closet for a few months because one month will turn into three, three will turn into six, and before you know it, you’ll have gone a year without putting a dent in the next work experience kit. Time flies like a speeding bullet and you can’t get the time back. There is no reason why you can’t finish the program in three years, two years is just as realistic, one year is very possible.

No Shortcuts

We all know that there are ways to take shortcuts around various parts of the Apprentice Program. But don’t take the big shortcuts. Be diligent and thorough because there is much to be learned. Believe it or not but there are many things you can take with you after you have graduated.

Presentation is Everything

Make sure your work experience kit is clean and tight and the materials you put into it like rules sheets, advertisements, and instructional documents are of a high standard. Emphasis on this can often downplay misspellings; however with that said, don’t disregard the accuracy of your grammar.

Final Project

Your presentation skills and your thoroughness are key when it comes to your level 3 project. When sitting there viewing others projects, you can tell how much your fellow golf professionals put into their presentation. Also, take heed to time. When they explain to you how important it is to stay within the time range, do it. A classmate failed his presentation and had to come back because his presentation was 2 minutes over.